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Technology is core to Mindtree. It is extremely important in building capability and capacity for us to keep a sharp focus on emerging technologies. We also make it a point to understand the application of these technologies in the context of our customers. In this effort, we constantly explore and experiment with emerging technologies and gauge their maturity levels for consumption by enterprises. We do this by comparing and contrasting them with similar tools already in use.

Tech Beacon is an initiative to compile outcomes of our experimentation and technology adoption guidance for enterprises. We group technologies under three categories: Invest, Experiment and Watch. We explain these categories in detail in this report.

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Distributed Architecture and
Service Mesh

Increased adoption of microservices at scale necessitated common cross-service orthogonal needs like resiliency, service discovery, location transparency, security, etc to be handled in a standardized, scalable and infrastructure independent manner. Service Mesh has evolved as the...

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Reactive Autonomic Systems

Enterprises in the last few years have become more and more technology focussed and have adopted a plethora of technologies to meet their customers direct and indirect demands. However, as architectural complexity increases, so does the chance of things not going as planned - and as...

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Architecture as a reactive
activity – an anti-pattern

While the design of a solution can follow a reactive style, architecture as an activity cannot - unfortunately, the need for speed in enabling a new capability, combined with a plethora of products offering ready-to-use, cloud-native, SaaS solutions - when put together - have increased the number...

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Converting data to

While availability of processing power and adoption of machine learning algorithms have increased, an ML model is still very very specific and tuned to a certain enterprise's context - and tasks like data cleanup, outlier removal, selection of models/factors are all still very much first done by a human before the solution becomes mainly automated...

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Lambda and Kappa
Architectural Styles

As companies become more and more Digital, the availability of data pertaining to every aspect of an enterprise's journey and its surrounding context (what its partners/suppliers are doing, what its customers are doing/thinking), has grown in leaps and bounds. So has the demand to understand all of this available information and generate useful insight from them...

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Distributed Ledger

As part of optimising value streams, enterprises have begun collaborating with each other and sharing data with a view to improving consistency and accuracy across their processes. The approach to enable this sharing originally evolved from file-interface-upload model to using APIs, the newer generation of businesses are turning to blockchain as a way to ensure consistent, distributed transactions...

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Human machine interaction has come a long way from the days of punch cards. From spending months of training for a human to understand how to use a system, today machines are going through months of training to understand how to interact with humans, understand what humans say, what they intend and how to map the specified intent to an...

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Visual apps, AR/VR,
Deep Learning

Machines understanding the world we humans live in - the cognitive domain of computer vision - has also been growing exponentially. Components/libraries like PyTorch for vision, OpenCV for object recognition, Tesseract for character recognition/OCR, and deep neural networks built on libraries like TensorFlow enable easy adoption and rollout...

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Humans interacting with Artificial Intelligence – Roles, anti-patterns?

While intelligent machines integrated with processes can provide seamless and always-on access, businesses are realizing that there are quite a few scenarios where a human is still the better judge. Components/patterns/styles listed above can enable access to a set of capabilities, however, the ultimate choice of where to draw the boundary...

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Focus Areas

Mindtree presents a point of view on each of the following broad areas of focus in the technology domain.

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