About Tech Beacon

Technology is core to Mindtree. It is extremely important for us to keep a sharp focus on emerging trends across industries, to build capability and capacity internally and advise our customers on making the right technology investments. We also make it a point to understand the application of these technologies within the context of our customers’ business. Apart from our own experiences, we also get insights from our large client base across different industries and identify trends that would shape technology adoption in the upcoming year.

Towards this effort, we constantly explore and experiment with emerging technology trends and gauge their maturity levels for adoption within enterprises. The outcomes of these experimentations and technology adoption guidance across industries and enterprises are distilled into our annual technology publication, Tech Beacon.

Within the Tech Beacon, we group technologies under three categories: Invest, Experiment and Watch. These categories are elaborated in detail within this report and this document is published to assist the CIO organization of our customers with technology insights, to compare and focus their strategy and investments and take our partnership on the road to success.

Focus Areas

Mindtree presents a point of view on each of the following broad areas of focus in the technology domain.

Invest - Mindtree


Experiment - Mindtree


Watch - Mindtree



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